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My fellow workers,

I want to tell you about what I believe in...

The need for a good quality of life for all our neighbors - This has gone down due to the high property values, taxes and insurance. Add to that the severe economic problems we are all facing and the problems seem to be gigantic.

Our economy needs desperately to be encouraged and put into gear. More businesses need to be brought into our area. More jobs.

We need to help our small business owner by helping them in obtaining federal government grants and loans now available to them. N.A.N.A. (Neighbors And Neighbors Association, Inc.) comes to mind.

Our historical buildings need to be saved and repaired and we need to have our Miami River be a “working river” which will help out our city, our and our employment needs.

We need to look towards the safety and care of our elderly and our children.

We know we are a community that strives for excellence in all things. When we demand the best of ourselves and our leaders, then we will ensure that we have the best leaders.

I believe that through hard work, smart and innovative thinking we can overcome our problems and achieve a stronger and better community.

Thank you!

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