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About Denis Rod 

A graduate of Miami Dade College and the University of Miami, Miami, Florida, Denis Rod has his degrees in Education, Clinical Psychology and Cultural Anthropology. Denis Rod has served for over 30 years our community and he has served it very well. He is an active participant at the county and the city level. He is very well known to the constituents of Miami’s District 4 - every last Thursday of the month you can find Denis Rod holding town hall style meeting in his district. He constantly and relentlessly toils for the underprivileged and the needy. And is frequently an advocate for their causes. He loves “his” South Florida. a place that he calls home. He is a certified COP (Citizen on Patrol) and is active in his area. He has always been a strong supporter of our Public Library System and our Public School System working throughout his career to improve the services they give to this community.  

Denis Rod has served on many the boards of the City of Miami: Project A.I.S.P. (Arts Instructions for Special Population), City of Miami Planning Advisory Board (as a member, and Co-Chairperson) and Code Enforcement Board. Currently, he is a board member of The Jay Malina International Trade Consortium, Miami-Dade County, representing District 7, and Commissioner Carlos Gimenez. In 2003 with the Chi family, Denis Rod started the Annual Miami Dragon Boat Race and Festival. An event held yearly promoting better understanding of different cultures along with bringing into our community tourism and positive image. During the fall of 2006 Dr. Rod (Executive Advisor) along with Joe Chi (Executive Director) formally opened the China Latin American Trade Center. The China Latin American Trade Center has been at the forefront in terms of promoting relationships between China and Miami. We are the local private sector resource center dealing with issues regarding the People’s Republic of China on a commercial, cultural and social level thru relationships established with the People’s Republic of China.

Among his many philanthropic works are the donation and distribution of children bicycles for charity sponsored by Ocean Bank and the Latin Builders Association. He worked from 1989 – 1995 in Habitats for Humanity in Homestead and in Overtown. Denis Rod is an active participant of the Latin Chamber of Commerce Holiday Food Distribution and in St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Charity. In the 70’s he was a member and past president of Miami Dade College’s North Campus Amigos Club, an organization formed by the College to help with the acclimatization of foreign students to our area.

His exceptional service to his community and his willingness to help all his fellowman are an example for all to follow. Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Alvarez recently spoke of Dr. Rod by saying “his leadership in our region is an example to all and a goal that all should strive for.”

In his little spare time he loves to ride horses, read and bicycle. He loves to travel and has visited many countries. A 47 year resident of the City of Miami, Denis Rod has spent his adult life giving back to the community he loves.

Denis Rod’s influence in the well being of people in all corners of the county is felt by anyone who seeks his help. His constant toils for the underprivileged, the ill, the needy and the unemployed is very well known in this city. He not only goes the extra mile to help others, he takes them there personally! He is one of those rare individuals who care and works efficiently and effectively to build our community. He is truly an example to all.

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